Which colours suit me, which patterns flatter my figure, how do I combine things……you are the sort of person, who likes to look good and is impressed with some peoples dress sense and style security but do not know how to get it looking so perfect on yourself? You sometimes copy people, as you like their style but really need some help find it does not quite work for you?

In this case a type analysis and consultation from a fashion and style expert is what you need. I will find the right colours for your type according to the 9-type analysis, I will tell you which patterns will be perfect for you, your shape and your lifestyle.

Before we start: send me a portrait and a full body foto of yourself. Age, colour of eyes, size in clothes and shoes, your height. Also include a few sentences about yourself: Who are you, what do you do jobwise, What do you like, what do you not like, how is your daily routine, what do you wish for, what would you like to change in terms of your look.

You will then come to my studio, bring along 4 of your favorite outfits with shoes and 2 outfits, which are abandoned in your wardrobe for years, but you cannot throw out.

We will then work at your styling, no matter if you are looking for the perfect day to day outfit option, perfect outfits for work or something for events or special occasions.

I will be able to advise you in any department. I know how to combine items, what you need to observe, how you can integrate your favourites into a great combination.

To summerise what we have discussed, you will also take away your personal LookBook and your colour-pass.

To complete the day, we will also define the right make up for your skin, facial shape and type and hairstyling recommendations.

This will be an eye-opener and new impulses and impressions will be with you forever, as your type will remain the same. Men and woman are welcome and enjoy this “ME” time and a very good guide for the future, to feel good and happy and secure with yourself.

For men, the process will be more technical and to the point: I can shop for you: easy and convenient.

Time: 4 1/2 hours, price upon request



“Hi Margitta, it was super, great and valuable tips.”

– Susanne

“I had a wonderful day with you and great tips- thank you. It was very special and one feels immediately at home and comfortable around you.”

– Renate

“It was great with you. Thank you so much.”

– Marion